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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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when we could see snow. plus, metro could make some big changes that will hit your wallet, but that's not all. what you can do today before fares go up and service is reduced. $564.1 million. >> and we have uryo winner. several people are waking up multimillionaires this morning. where those three winning power ball tickets were sold. >> they were not sold here on the anchor desk, that's for sure. good thursday morning. thank you for watching wusa9 at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> thanks for waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck. we'll start with weather and traffic. howard and allyson are here. fine this morning. 35 is even a little above average even. >> the winds are light but don't expect that to last for the day. an arctic front is coming. it will turn windy and colder and we could see a few snow showers like they're seeing in western maryland. >> it is going to change drastically by thank. tomorrow -- by this afternoon,
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tomorrow. not too bad right now. you need the coat. >> it's winter. >> you don't have to do entire hat, gloves. let's -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: checking out your timesaver traffic this morning, we go to our map to show you the issue that we've got, hyattsville, adelphi area, the westbound lanes of 410 east- west highway completely shut down with the water main break and ongoing repairs. they'll have to fix the pavement in this area. sky 9 has seen the activity there westbound 410 closed off right between route 1 and adelphi road, queens chapel road near 43rd avenue. eaunstbo d it doesappear some traffic can get through. 193 greenbelt road, university boulevard one of your best options as an alternate.
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to virginia where 66 eastbound sees more volume getting into manassas, vienna past the metro. inside the beltway everything open toward rosslyn. downtown southwest freeway, looks good out of southeast into southwest with the light volume heading eastbound to the third street tunnel to the 14th street bridge. lanes open there as well. back to you. prince george's county police are asking for your help finding a missing teenage girl. >> her name kiante marie eagen, last seen on claxton drive in laurel yesterday. she is 5'7", 175 wounds. she has long braided hair and was last seen wearing white and beige pants. police say she might be using the name keonte mcdonald. that is not your lucky day unless you bought your power ball tickets in north carolina, texas, puerto rico. >> my mother-in-law lives in north carolina. i haven't called her yet. >> has she called you?
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>> no, she has not. three tickets matched all six numbers to win the jackpot. it is worth $564 million for all of them to split. winning numbers, here they are, 11 13, 25, 39, 54 and 19. the world of journalism mourning one of our own. >> bob simon was killed in a car accident in new york city last night. kris van cleave has more. >> i'm bob simon. >> reporter: it doesn't seem right that a reporter who survived close calls in war zones around the world, even 40 days as a prisoner of war in iraq would go this way. a car accident in new york city. >> general, call me a fool. >> no, i won't. >> reporter: bob simon was a legendary newsman, a gifted story teller honored with 27 emmy awards, a fulbright
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scholar and one-time foreign service officer with that distinct powerful voice of truth. >> soldiers and teenagers were playing catch with tear gas grenades. >> he looked so dashing. he was the epitome of a foreign correspondent. he was brave. he would go places where you probably shouldn't have gone. >> reporter: simon came to cbs news in 1967. four years later he moved to saigon to cover the vietnam war. he was on one of the last helicopters to leave saigon in 1975 as it fell. he built a career in war zones around the world. the falklands, yugoslavia, somalia and nearly every conflict in between spending decades covering the middle east from tel aviv. >> tel aviv's largest square was invaded by sadness, sadness beyond words. >> reporter: he went where the news was risking his life along the way. >> and we saw -- [indiscernible] it was annual iraqi army jeep. they took us away. >> reporter: during the opening
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days of the first gulf war in 1991, simon and three members of his cbs news crew were taken prisoner by the iraqi military and held as p.o.w.s in iraqi prisons for 40 days. >> just changed you. >> reporter: simon joined 60 minutes in 1996. this was his 19th season on the broadcast reporting last week on the movie "selma." "60 minutes" producer jeff fager praised his friend. >> he loved what he did. that was from the moment he started at cbs news, a long and brilliant career and a body of work that i think is really difficult to match. >> reporter: bob simon was 73. kris van cleave, cbs news, new york. >> you watched his reports, you learned. you learned how this job is supposed to be done. >> so intelligent, so well delivered, so well written. he's going to be missed. today you'll have a chance to voice your opinion about
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metro's planned rate hike. >> delia goncalves is live outside the l'enfant metro station. does this increase affect everyday commuters and noncommuters alike? >> reporter: no, but it does have the biggest impact because it affects commuters because it only really goes into effect during the rush hour. so of course it is likely going to have the biggest impact and affect the most people but before it happens, it's not a done deal yet, folks do have a chance to tell metro what they think about it at a public hearing, a comment period scheduled for later thank but a lot of folks we've been talking to say these are really painful proposals because it comes just one month after a deadly incident. of course that smoke incident that happened here at l'enfant plaza. to cut costs, though, metro wants you to pay more. rail and bus fares could increase by 10 cents. they say that will bring in 22 million. and service could get a cut, too. you may have to wait an extra two minutes between trains
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during peak hours and some bus routes might be scaled back or eliminated entirely. as i mentioned, if you don't like it, you can tell metro about it. at 1:00 this afternoon at their downtown headquarters on 6th street. metro is having a public comment period. and you can head down there and tell them what you think about these rate hikes. and coming up at 6:00, coming up at 6:30, we'll talk about the latest on the smoke inhalation investigation. back to you in the studio. >> i can imagine they're going to get an earful at that public comment hearing later today. delia, thank you. she's outside the l'enfant plaza metro station. the killings of three muslim students in north carolina are sparking outrage in the muslim community this morning. but it's still unclear whether the murders were motivated by religious hatred or a dispute over a parking space. a self-proclaimed atheist craig hicks is charged in the de aths
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of his neighbors. a federal prosecutor says the killings appear to be an isolated incident. we have some breaking news right now. there's word of a cease-fire agreement to end the war in ukraine this morning. the agreement was just announced by the leaders of france, germany, russia and ukraine after an all night meeting. the meeting was in belarus. more than 5300 people have died in the fighting between ukrainian forces and russian- backed separatists just since last april. a man is stabbed and killed inside a northwest washington hotel. >> and this morning police have identified a person of interest in the case. nikki burdine is live outside the donovan hotel which is on 14th street in northwest d.c. do we know if this person is a man or a woman, nikki? >> reporter: no, we don't. that's one of the biggest problems police are facing right now. they have video of this person but they can't tell us if it's a man or a woman. i took a look at it myself. it's hard to tell.
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take a look and see for yourself. this is the surveillance video taken from inside the donovan hotel where a man was found stabbed to death. this is a man police say they want to talk to. they have identified this person, a man or a woman. it's hard to tell who they say is a person of interest in this case. you can clearly see this person walking into the hotel just pacing back and forth. and then deciding to take the stairs. at one point this person looks directly at the camera, their face uncovered. then the next shot you see this person covering up their face. now, the man police say was found stabbed to death inside the hotel is david messerschmitt. [ no audio ] police ask that you give them a call. if you'd like to take closer look at this video and see if you recognize this person, we have it all up on our website by the way, there is a $25,000 reward up for grabs.
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back to you in the studio. >> thank you, nikki. a former police officer in colorado is accused of following a man into his home and shooting him in the back. >> a germantown woman wins a one of a kind lottery which includes two decades of n.f.l. tickets. >> not bad. >> 6:10. we're looking at temperatures this morning mostly in the 30s with light winds but you have to be prepared for the afternoon. winds could gust to 40 with w.s falling to the -- windchills falling to the 20s and teens.
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6:12 on this thursday morning or friday eve as we like. a quiet morning. you can see the lights reflecting on the potomac.
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it's calm. the winds are not going to stay that way. they're going to pick up big time this afternoon. gusts in the 40 mile an hour range for the afternoon and evening. highs midday upper 30s to low 40s. maybe 45 nkles to snow showers and the windchills and temperatures will be dropping through the afternoon. talking about arctic air coming our way for tomorrow and again on sunday. it's all coming up in about six minutes. right now beverly and timesaver traffic. a big story as you travel hyattsville, adelphi area. you can't use the westbound lanes of 410. big water main break got reported about 4:00 this morning. damage to the pavement, even once they make the water main repair. so westbound 410 is blocked off basically west of route 1 near 43rd avenue before you get to queens chapel adelphi road. some traffic squeezing by eastbound. university boulevard, 193 greenbelt road good option for you westbound. beltway getting past branch avenue, a minor accident on the inner loop just moved on to the shoulder. lanes open. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thanks a lot, bev. a former colorado blifer is due back in -- police officer
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is due back in court. james ashby is going to enter a plea for charges of second- degree murder in the death of 27-year-old jack jackques. sounds like a drastic fix but a south carolina statehouse committee has advanced a measure which would temporarily close south carolina's state university. lawmakers say closing the university would give it time to improve its finances. if approved, the school would close july 1 and would remain closed for a year. it would reopen in the fall of 2017. the bill goes to another committee for one lucky baltimore ravens fan just got a dream come true. free tickets for ravens games for 20 years. tuesday johnson was selected from more than 300 entries and she is the winner. the prize to club level seats every season, parking for 20
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years. >> for a fan that's almost as good as winning the power ball. >> that's fantastic. u.s. troops are leaving liberia soon but the united nations says the ebola fight is not over yet. >> looks like there's no end in sight for greece's economic crisis. wusa9 is back
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6:17 this thursday morning. in the news right now, just when it seemed ebola was a threat of the past, the united nations is warning the fight against it is far from over. this comes after president obama announced most of the u.s. troops in liberia will head home in april. officials say the 10,000 people still working in west africa remain essential when it comes to combating the disease. meanwhile greece is still searching for a solution to a crisis of another kind. debt. after talks with its european counterparts ended without a break through. the new government in place is trying to alter the country's bailout. they blame the bailout for the country's current economic problem. flags were flying at half staff in las vegas yesterday while the city said goodbye to a basketball legend. hall of fame coach jerry sar cane ya passed away. -- tarkanian. he won a national championship
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in 1990 and won a $2.5 million settlement from the nba when he sued the organization for trying to run him out of college basketball. he was 84 years old. former nba forward anthony mason is reportedly in a fight for his liefs. multiple reports -- life. multiple reports that he's in extremely poor condition following surgery for an apparent heart attack. he played 14 seasons for 16 different franchises most notably with the new york knicks. heartbreak this morning for members of a chicago little league team stripped of their 2014 u.s. championship yesterday. an investigation by little league baseball found that jackie robinson west used ineligible players outside the team's neighborhood boundaries. some of the team's members are still coming to grips with the punishment. >> what's wrong is wrong. i don't feel we did anything wrong. if we did, it shouldn't be on the kids. it should be on the parents which i don't think they did anything wrong either. >> nevertheless, the title now goes to the runner-up team from
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las vegas. the jackie robinson west organization will be on probation while the team's manager has been suspended. mike, andrea, as painful as this is, the little league president said they had no choice. the move had to be made good absolutely. the sad thing is the kids are suffering what the adults did and would the adults did was wrong. >> they played a great game. >> nobody is taking that away from them but rules are rules. the adults broke the rules. >> exactly. as you mentioned, the kids are the heartbreaking part of this. 6:20. prepare for the downward sled. >> it's february. people are saying where's spring. you have to give it a few more days. meteorological spring starts march 1. we're a little more optimistic than the folks at -- the astronomers are. we do have a colder air mass moving in, a much colder air mass moving in as we get to the
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afternoon and evening hours. might get to mid-40s in a few spots d.c. south. that will be midday before the cold kicks in along with the winds. they will be gusty out of the northwest. some cases gusting 35, 40 miles an hour, maybe more in the higher elevations to the west. snow showers north and west of us. they're coming out the pittsburgh area trying to get in toward al gainey -- toward allegany county. better chance we'll see a couple of snow showers in the metro early afternoon. winds are also going to be picking up. this is our wind gust tracker this morning into midday. still gusting 15 to 20. watch out the winds really increase by 4:00, 5:00 p.m. especially west of the blue ridge. winchester gusting to 34, 35. this evening we could have a few gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour bringing in the arctic air which is going to chill things down big time by tomorrow morning. right now upper 30s and low 40s in parts of the shenandoah
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valley. we've got 35 in town and 30 in la plata. look at the cold stuff southeast of us. tappahannock at 26. that's a cold spot this morning. good morning for flying. despite the clouds, no weather problems. 35 feeling like 31 with light winds still south, southwest. there is the core of the cold. you can see it coming out of canada. international falls 21 below. this is diving in our direction. we will be bitterly cold tomorrow morning. windchills will be down to 5 below east of the blue ridge. west of the blue ridge to 15 below where windchill advisories will be in effect tonight into friday morning. today 45. that's d.c. a lot of folks upper 30s to around 40. we'll see temperatures drop this afternoon into the low to mid-teens with the subzero windchills. mid 20s tomorrow. a break saturday. another arctic front late saturday brings some snow showers, maybe a coating to an inch in spots saturday eving, 38. but -- evening, 38. sunday highs only in the teens. windchills worse than that.
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monday 30. tuesday looks a little messy. snow to mix to rain scenario right now, highs in the 30s. take it away, bev. 95 virginia volume, typical volume as you make your way north out of fredricksburg, getting through stafford. volume building to get to the express lane entrance. northbound 95 through dale city on the brakes to get into woodbridge. more heavy traffic out of newington toward the beltway and on to 395. i-270 southbound volume delays heading south of frederick as you make your way down toward 109, truck scales and hyattstown. more volume building to get into germantown as well. into southeast, volume inbound suitland parkway, your lineup past alabama, stanton road, coming off south capitol. lanes open across the douglas bridge and past the stadium. coming up next, congress begins debate on a measure to use military action against isis militants. >> and the former captain of the costa concordia says he will be appealing his sentence. wusa9 is back
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after months of coalition strikes on isis in syria, president obama will officially ask congress to authorize a six- month military campaign against isis. >> that request is now in the hands of lawmakers on capitol hill. susan mcginnis reports on what's next for the president's plan and also has reaction from
6:27 am
lawmakers. >> make no mistake, this is a difficult mission. >> reporter: it's now up to congress to debate and pass president owe boom ma -- president obama's proposal to use military action against islamic terrorists. congress could still try to change the resolution. >> we need to ask the difficult and necessary questions about when, why and how we use military force. >> reporter: the president's plan opens the door to using american ground troops. it rules out so-called enduring ground operations, authorizing military action for three years beyond which another vote would be needed. but lawmakers on both sides are concerned and say they want more details before they'll authorize force. >> we provide support. the region provides support because it's regional terrorism. >> reporter: some republicans say the plan doesn't go far enough. >> president's point is he wants to dismantle and destroy
6:28 am
isis. i haven't seen the strategy yet that i think will accomplish that. >> reporter: stressing the threat from isis extends to the u.s. homeland, the. referred to the deaths of four american hostages, most recently 26-year-old aid worker kayla mueller. the draft charges isis with their murders and calls for ground forces in future rescue operations. susan mcbegin nice, cbs news, washington -- susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> ground forces would also be used in missions to kill isis leaders and in intelligence gathering. the former captain of the costa concordia is vowing to appeal after being sentenced to 16 years in prison for manslaughter. francesco shet tina -- schettino was convicted two years after it cap sietzed. he was called a reckless idiot for steering the ship too close
6:29 am
to a reef. spacex delivered on the third try after two unsuccessful launches from cape canaveral. the unmanned falcon rocket blasted off at sunset after having trouble launching in previous attempts. the satellite has a long journey ahead, about a million miles. it is spacex's first mission into deep space. once in that area, it can give advanced warning of potentially dangerous solar storms. it is 6:29. this is a live look outside. you can't feel it but it's 35 degrees and it's only expected to get lower and lower in the next few days. >> arctic front comes middle of the day, give pore take a couple of hours. the winds are going to kick. there will be snow showers and the temperatures and windchills are going to-- >>s that -- that's the way home from school or work.
6:30 am
>> even lunch time? >> i would say after 1:00 or 2:00 you'll start to see the temperatures really fall off, back into the 30s after briefly reaching the 40s. tomorrow we're only in the 20s. that's kind of our time to get used to the cold air because we're not going to get out of the teens on sunday. so it's a progression but we're getting two shots of arctic air. cloudy skies to start your morning. 35 degrees. some cloudy skies. winds out of the south, southwest will turn drastically out of the northwest. that's when we'll see our cold air arrive. 39 degrees as you head off to frederick and gaithersburg. 43 for d.c. taking a look back off to the west, this is where you'll see a couple more snow showers and the winds will be howling through the shenandoah valley and the higher elevations west of 81. here's our front headed our way for this afternoon. we're not anticipating a big issue with the snow headed our way this afternoon. there will be snow showers, a couple of flurries. it's really the temperatures that are the big story for this afternoon and into the evening. we're going to drop down to single digits and teens
6:31 am
tonight. then you have to factor in the wind. it's going to feel below zero for some people tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be very cold but sunny. today cloudy, though. we'll see a couple snow showers coming up through. we are 42 degrees but see how fast the top temperatures drop. 34 by 6:00 and 26 by 9:00. that's a big difference. beverly, time for timesaver traffic. what's going on? >> reporter: big deal has been the water main break. the westbound side of 410, prince george's county, between route 1 and adelphi, queens chapel road, close to prince george's plaza. the westbound lanes closed with the water main repairs. still trying to fix the water main. then they'll have to fix the pavement. the west side of 410 closed. 195 greenbelt road, university boulevard one option. a slow go west of college park, new hampshire avenue around past university, colesville road over to georgia avenue. local volume delay. no obstacles to report. around town virginia 95, 395, downtown traffic, volume has
6:32 am
been building. lanes open on the westbound freeway here getting out of southwest and over toward the 14th street bridge. andrea, mike? we have some breaking news from prince george's county. sky 9 is over a house fire in mount ranier, maryland in the 4000 block of 37th street. in is a two-story single family home. you see all the firefighters there, the lights. a number of firefighters are on the scene. so far no word of any injuries or the cause of the fire. as soon as we get more detail, we'll pass it along to you. on a happier note, unless you bought your power ball tights in north carolina, texas or puerto rico -- tickets in north carolina, text or puerto rico, you're out of luck. you did not win the power ball. >> but you may have family members who live in that area. the huge jackpot, $564 million. the winning numbers 11, 13, 25, 39, 54 with a power ball of 19.
6:33 am
other news now, members of congress are facing a showdown with the. this morning over the key tone xl oil pipeline. both the house and senate have approved the plan to connect canada's tar sands down to the gulf coast refineries but the. said he would always veto this bill. it appears at this point neither chamber has enough votes to override that veto. health officials in quebec are reporting a measles outbreak there. they've confirmed ten cases and they are linked to the disneyland outbreak in california. the canadian health department said the patients were not vaccinated because of religious or philosophical reasons. all of the patients are members of two families. at least one of them had visited disneyland. maryland's new attorney general brian fra su ch is launching a new plan to combat heroin. the attorney general says 428
6:34 am
people died in the first nine months of this year. frosh plans a news conference at 10:00 this morning. police are trying to find a person of interest in the stabbing death of a 30-year-old lawyer from northwest d.c. >> the murder happened tuesday at the donovan hotel. nikki burdine is live outside the hotel in northwest. do we have a name of a person of interest or anything about the person of interest? >> reporter: we do not know anything about the person of interest, even their gender but we do know the name of the victim. the name of the victim is david messerschmitt and he was 30 years old. i want you to take a look at this picture of that victim. he was an attorney in d.c. at dla associates. d.c. police say they're not sure why david was in this hotel room in the first place. he did live in d.c. but he was originally from ohio. d.c. police are asking that you take a look at this surveillance video that was taken from the hotel. you can see this person clearly walking around the lobby pacing
6:35 am
back and forth and then deciding to take the stairs. it's hard to tell if it's a man or woman. d.c. police don't know the gender. at one point this person walks up the stairs to the hotel room and you can see that person even covers up their face and then uncovers it at one point. so if you recognize this person, d.c. police ask that you give them a call. you can also anonymously text your tip to 50411. again,50411. if you'd like to get a better look at this person of interest, you can watch the full video on our website we'll keep you updated. that's the latest outside the donovan hotel. back to you. >> thank you, nikki live in d.c. this morning. does your valentine have a milk allergy? if so you might want to stay away from dark chocolate as a gift this valentine's day. a new study that came out said there are traces of milk in some dark chocolate candies. the agency found 55 out of 93
6:36 am
bars of dark chocolate contained milk and it was not clearly labeled. it is 6:36. oysters in virginia? turns out there's plenty and sales of the oysters are bringing in the big bucks. >> it's not only the media that has leaked. apparently netflix does, too. it has to do with a hit political series. >> we've got clouds around here, temps in the 30s this morning. but an arctic air mass just hours away. better bundle up. i'll have the details of that forecast. andrea? >> we want to congratulate our facebook fan of the day. today's winner is robert riser from california. robert says i rely on wusa9 to start my day every day. i head out early to my job on patuxent river naval air station and the wusa9 team is up and running as early as i am keeping me up to date on the latest news and weather so i can get out the door and ready to face the day. mike, andrea, howard, thank you
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for making my morning run smoothly. >> thank you, robert. if you'd like to be like robert and win two tickets to barry manilo at the verizon center, it's simple to do so. go to our facebook fan page and fill out the fan ever the
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6:40 on this thursday morning. it's normally cold compared to what's coming. arctic air on the way. upper 30s, low 40s. even 45, 46 in the real warm spots. then watch out for sprinkles and snow showers and those gusty winds for the drive home. your temperatures by -- or windchills by 4:00, 5:00 down in the 20s. beverly, how is it going out there this morning? >> reporter: right now, not too badly. fairly typical volume friday eve ride as you head west on the outer loop of the beltway out of college park, past new hampshire avenue toward georgia avenue in silver spring. the volume delay, nothing out of the ordinary to surprise you there. that's put pressure on southbound and new hampshire coming out of white oak. 395 northbound virginia across the 14th street bridge. more volume here heading into town. lanes open along 95 with the fairly typical volume delays between dale city, newington,
6:41 am
springfield. lanes open toward the beltway. heaviest volume has been manassas in centreville and getting out of fair lakes into fair oaks and toward vienna metro. no surprise here. dominion power and some of its customers have different views about rates and where they should go in the future. >> i have a feeling i know what the the ratepayers think. virginia is also enjoying its largest oyster harves nearly 30 years. >> nick giovanni has those stories and more in this look at your money. good morning. >> reporter: mike, andrea, good morning you to. questions are being raised this morning about how a bill that's been sailing through virginia's general assembly is going to affect utility customers. the state's largest utility, dominion power says the measure will keep rates consistent the next few years and protect customers from higher bills. critics on the other hand as you guessed it, mike, say the company is misusing its influence with lawmakers to avoid being forced to lower rates. on the food front, virginia harvested half a million bushels of oysters in 2014, a 25% increase from the year
6:42 am
before and the largest harvest since 1987. the virginia farm bureau estimates it had a dockside value of more than $22 million. you can go and chock up oyster season as a success. while season three of house of cards was a mistake, at least the release of it was. netflix accidently posted the new season online yesterday. a full two weeks early. netflix blamed a technical glitch and called the episodes -- pulled the episodes within minute. on a twitter account, it said, quote, this is washington. there's always a leak. all episodes will launch february 27. well said. [indiscernible] "50 shades of grey" opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow. the amcmazza gallery was sold out.
6:43 am
so far the presales for the money about the unconventional relationship between an older man and younger woman are through the roof. >> they said france said it's a number uh-1away -- number one runaway seller. people 13 and older can see this. not here in the u.s. it's 6:43. d.c. police are searching for a person of interest in a murder at
6:44 am
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. we're looking back at an
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incredible career of our colleague bob simon. we'll honor the correspondent. a family has to decide if a loved one's killer should be executed. only on cbs this morning they share their struggle with making the ultimate choice. we'll take you to a store that sold a winning power ball ticket. all of that and more. the news is back in the morning and we'll see you at 7:00. >> our condolences to all of who you worked so slowly with bob sigh monday. he was a wonderful journalist to watch, work and do such excellent work. >> he told us the kinds of stories that we all want to hear and the kinds of stories that we have to hear. >> he did. we will be watching again. cbs this morning starts in about 13 minutes. cold, more cold coming. it's not bad this morning with temperatures in the low to mid- 30s in most spots. the winds are light. that's all going to change. i urge you to consider windchills in the 20s. winds gusting to 40. it will change drastically this afternoon after the quiet
6:48 am
start. we'll ge into the low 40s. might get to la in washington and points -- to 45 in washington and points south. 32 by 7:00. 26 by 9:00. on our way into the teens and we're also expecting some snow showers to come through. in fact, a few flurries getting into parts of west virginia and western maryland here coming out of pennsylvania. you see this activity here approaching garrett county, coming across areas in allegany county, paw paw and romney. not all of this is reaching the ground. starting to see it show up on doppler. that's the first indication we have a little bit of that to watch. 30s here. look to the west. it gets cold quickly. detroit, chicago in the teens. des moines 4 above zero. it's 20 below in international falls. that cold air is heading in our direction. we're not going to be that cold but a lot colder than now. 41 in winchester. culpeper 34. even across the bay gaithersburg at the freezing mark. lots of clouds here in washington with a temperature of 35. windchill 31. by tomorrow morning, that w.
6:49 am
could be at 5 below as the arctic air will come in with just a couple of snow showers here for the afternoon. maybe sprinkles, rain showers before the real cold moves in. next three days today, 45. that's reagan national. i think a lot of areas won't make it that warm before we drop off. teens tonight with the subzero windchills and windchills advisories west of the blue ridge. your windchill to 15 below. 26 tomorrow. w.s in the teens. 38 -- windchills in the teens. 38 saturday. another arctic front with more snow showers, brutally cold sunday only in the teens. water main break is the challenge to anybody that would travel between riverdale and hyattsville, university park area. 410 east west highway westbound lanes completely shut down west of route 1 and before you get to queens chapping, adelphi road near 43rd avenue. the pavement will need to be fbied so it will be there for a while. 193 greenbelt road, university boulevard one option. beltway west you'll also find a decent option for you till you get to college park where it always slows into silver
6:50 am
spring. 270 southbound volume for you getting down into rogville headed -- rockville headed to the lane divide. virginia 95 volume in newington. a new crash ow of stafford, northbound 95 just north of 630 stafford. that's blocking the right side of the roadway with a backup behind it. maryland lawmakers attempt to tackle a growing problem of deadly overdoses across the state. >> finding permanent homes for the homeless in the district. mayor bowser says she has a plan. wusa9 is back after this.
6:51 am
you guys can just leave your coats right over here. wow. your bedroom is amazing. oh, thanks. we worked with a designer from havertys. total refresh. oh, i cannot believe people. what? covering up your new bed like that. it's okay. what kind of animals did you invite to this party? we can help. much better. refresh your space with an extra hundred off every thousand at havertys. plus enjoy 36 month no interest financing. havertys. discover something you. narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected
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with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
6:53 am
i'm delia goncalves outside of l'enfant plaza metro. ntsb investigators say metro workers actually made last month's deadly smoke incident even worse by turning on fans that actually blew the toxic fumes into the train. they blame poor training and poor safety procedures for the accident. and they're calling for immediate action. back to you in the studio. at 10:00 in baltimore attorney general brian frosh will announce an initiative to fight the growing heroin problem in maryland. heroin overdoses have
6:54 am
dramatically increased in recent years. in 2013 more people died from heroin than murder. during his campaign maryland governor larry hogan planned to declare a state of emergency regarding that problem. back here in d.c., mayor muriel bowser wants permanent homes for the homeless in the city. later this morning, she's going to announce a plan to end homeless in in d.c. by 2025. it pairs homeless families with case workers who understand the rental market and can help them with the paperwork. cbs senior correspondent and "60 minutes" contributor bob simon is being remembered this morning. simon was killed yesterday during a car crash in new york city. he was one of the most honored journalists in the business winning 27 emmy awards, three peabody awards and several others. bob simon was 73 years old. starting today, facebook users will be able to designate a friend or a relative to manage their facebook account after they die.
6:55 am
the designated legacy contact will be able to respond to friend requests, update cover photos and the profile. they will not be able to post as you or see your messages. you can find the legacy contact option under the security tab in your settings. will you be designating a legacy contact? teet us at the hashtag tellwusa9. three winning tickets will share the estimated $564 million power ball jackpot. they were sold in north carolina, texas, and puerto rico. the winning numbers -- get out your tickets -- they are 11, 13, 25, 39, 54 and the power ball number is 19. the next drawing will be saturday and the jackpot then will be back at its old starting point, a measly $40 million. >> i'll take it. >> five tickets. i had one number. that's it on five tickets. we'll be the low maybe mid- 40s before the arctic air
6:56 am
rivers. gusty winds could gust to 40 this evening. even 50 in the higher elevations west of the blue ridge. tomorrow bitterly cold. we'll start with teens and w.s subzero. only in the 20s. a break valentine's day before late afternoon, evening snow showers and even worse on sunday, staying in the teens. >> maryland water main break in between westbound side of 410, east-west highway between riverdale and hyattsville. westbound side of 410 was blocked completely near adelphi road. we're told maybe one lane able to squeeze by. i'd still avoid it if i were you. 66 not to avoid but slow heading into manassas, centreville, fair lakes into fair observes. a hangup out of stafford on 95, a crash fortunate of 630 -- north of 63 in the right lane. more -- 630 in the right lane. more volume north getting into springfield. a fight between hershey and the companies that import british chock had into the -- chocolate into the u.s.
6:57 am
>> a story of a candy embargo which could affect the kind of chocolates you can buy in the future. [ multiple voices ] >> we'll be back in 25 and update your traffic and weather. >> for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day, use the r our mobile app -- use our mobile app. >> take care, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. it is thursday, february 12th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." cbs news has lost a member of our family. th is morning we honor the legacy of "60 minutes" correspondent bob simon. president obama's request for war powers against isis faces critics from both sides of the aisle. plus half a billion dollars is split three ways. we take you to one of the stores that sold one of the powerball tickets. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there's a bigar w going on in vietnam.


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